wait, what?

Hi. I’m Megan, and I’m a social media addict. Well, not quite an addict, but I’ve been stuck in a dead end re416806_10151216438739644_1525185826_nlationship with Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for so long I no longer remember how to function in the real world.


But as I’ve worked hard to build my online networks, both personally and professionally, I’ve realized they’ve taken a level of importance with which I’m no longer comfortable.

No, I’m not a hermit. In fact, I’m quite the opposite! But I’ve found that lately I’ve been making decisions for what is most tweetable and “likable,” but what might not be what’s ultimately best for me.

Do I sometimes want to stay in on a Friday night? Yes! But what will all those ex-boyfriends who follow me on Twitter think? Oh, the HORROR.

For the next year, I’m taking my life – for the most part – offline. I want to no longer live for the photo op, the ultimate status update, the most retweeted of all the tweets. No longer make decisions that are more interesting for my followers than they are for me. Less live-tweeting, more live-paying-attention-no-seriously-put-that-phone-down-right-now.

Here, I’ll be reflecting on the things that I’m doing (and you could be, too!) to live my best offline life.


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