Where you been, boo?

Oh hai, guys. It’s been a minute since I updated this! It was necessary to take a quick break while I kept my head down to focus on some big work stuff that occupied my actual, emotional and psychological time, but happy to see a quick break on the horizon before the next big thing.

Of course, the busy-ness of my life is, I suppose, the point of this blog – push myself OFFLINE, and then try to document it. Of course, the irony in that challenge is not lost on me – I’ve been so busy offlining, that I haven’t had any time to check in!

SOOOOO. Here’s what’s been going on in my world the past month to get y’all up to speed. I promise to get back on the regular blogging train soon!

I’ve been busy…

Kicking my own ass
Proud of the progress I’ve made in kicking my ass into top gear. Until now, I have never been able to fully embrace a healthier lifestyle. Sure, I’ll commit to a workout routine for a few weeks, but soon the excuses start to deter me from sticking to the plan. Perhaps because the only person ever holding me accountable was, well, me. But now that I’ve put my goals out into the world wide web, I would feel all sorts of bad if I couldn’t follow through. And since those goals are 100 percent attainable, there’s no reason I can’t meet them. Next 10 lbs? Bring it on.  112e3905d73e26d6b535b5a962d2b0f6

Re-launching the Bibliophiles & Beverages Society
Ugh – one of the bigger regrets I’ve had in the past year. Some of you may remember the Bibliophiles & Beverages Society that I first launched about a year and a half ago. I was beyond excited about the concept, and apparently, so were all of you. I had incredible support from friends, family and even the media, but I let it die. I let the craziness of my life overshadow one of the things that I was really excited about. As a result, I let this fizzle. Sorry guys, this one’s on me.

Not sure what this is? Check it out: https://www.facebook.com/events/124368361093247/

Building a playground
Last week, I was part of an unbelievable feat – the building of a new playground in a very deserving Southeast Columbus neighborhood, in under six hours, in the pouring down, freezing rain. I was brought into the project because a client of mine was a major funder and contributor, but it became so much more than work. As a result, it’s consumed a sizable chunk of my life the past two months. Seeing the people of Columbus come together to build deserving children something like this? Words can’t describe the day. So I’ll just leave it at that. But yeah – totally cool.

Joining a community choir
Oh yeah! This. This might be one of the single coolest things I have done in Columbus. One of the other major players in the playground was a group called Harmony Project, a city-wide service organization that also, as it turns out, turns into a killer choir. Two-hundred voices strong, the group is comprised of people from literally every walk of life – rich, poor, gay, straight, white, black, Christian, Jewish. You name ‘em, we’ve got ‘em.

I may devote a couple posts in the future to Harmony Project, because it simply cannot be summed up in a few words*. Much like the playground. But hey – we opened for Natalie Cole here last week, it was amazing!

Here’s a taste (and check out that goofy girl at :41 – I still haven’t stopped smiling!):

(*Alright, alright – maybe I’m just tired. But seriously – this deserves its own post).

IMG_20130427_152707_resizedTraining for Pelotonia
The training has officially begun! I’ve signed up for my first Pelotonia and have committed to riding 50 miles this August. While I’m riding in honor of a family friend who passed a few years ago, I think I’m more excited to be a part of something so iconic in Columbus.

My first official training ride was this weekend – only five miles, but hey, it’s a start! Especially when I haven’t ridden a bike since I was 10.

P.S. When did a.) bike seats get so uncomfortable, or b.) my ass get so bony? Seriously.

Buying a car
Look ma, I’m a real adult!

I went ahead and ponied up for my Honda that I’ve been leasing for the past three years. So maybe not as exciting as buying a brand new one but hey – this is something I actually own that’s more than $500 (if you’re wondering, I am, in fact, referring to my couch).*


*Note: Why spend money on things when you can spend money on plane tickets, I say!

Getting inked up
Fourth and final, folks. Well, I think. With each new tattoo, I swear I’ll never get another. But usually that swear is made mid-prick, so the pain is on the brain. But I’m running out of skin that falls under the “Wedding Dress and Work” rule – no tats that are clearly visible with a wedding dress, or at work. Though this fourth one definitely broke the first rule. Oh well.

For this one, I chose the words: “Still I Rise.” It’s the title of a Maya Angelou poem which, as it turns out, I can relate to very little. I don’t care for the poem, nor its general sentiment. But the title is powerful, and illustrative of everything I’ve been through over the past few years. And how with each fall – and there have been many – I’ve gotten right back up.


Only scratching the surface – what a month it’s been! Can’t wait to catch up with y’all soon.



3 thoughts on “Where you been, boo?

  1. Megan! I love all of this. It’s so great to see that all of your updates this month have to do with choices you made to improve the quality of your life – for YOU! That’s wonderful.

    I am very interested in The Harmony Project. It looks like such an amazing group to be a part of and I’d love to be there to watch you perform. Also, big congrats on the healthy lifestyle choices and for pushing yourself with fitness and Peletonia.


  2. You need to buy padded bike shorts! Seriously. I know – bike shorts, right? But it will make all the difference.

    From one boney butt to another…

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