Considering a New Challenge?

After two weeks of almost non-stop traveling and life shenanigans (Vegas and L.A. and AllTheThings, oh my!), homegirl is tired. And in need of a restart.

This weekend’s yoga experiences left little to be desired – I didn’t have nearly the hippy dippy “I love all of you” kind of experience this time around. Yesterday’s class was essentially 75 minutes of planking, while today’s was an attempt to make me balance my entire body weight on my pinky. Ok, well not quite, but almost. Not gonna give up – this is supposed to be life changing, right? At least I have cute yoga pants.

So I have decided that I need a little inspiration when it comes to what I’m gonna need to do to get this life into GEAR. And that’s when I stumbled on my lovely friend Allie’s gorgeous blog – Considering You. Allie’s launching a two-week health challenge to help busy folks like me make small life changes. And Allie’s one of the most balanced, happiest people I’ve ever met so it goes without saying that this should be pretty good.


It’s OK to get a little outside inspiration and help. It’s hard to figure out how to tackle things that are SO HUGE. Or seemingly so. And lists like Allie’s make it easy – step by step, right?

So we’ll see what the next two weeks brings, but at the end of it, I will TOTALLY be able to balance myself on my pinky.



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