spring has sprung!

Ok, y’all – gots some more stuff for ya.

But FIRST – can I just thank you all – seriously, every one of yous; even you, sir – for the love and support for My 3D Life? You can never anticipate the reaction you will get when you soul puke all over the place (stealing the term from my dear friend and fellow blogger Sarah) and while I haven’t gone into TOO much personal detail – you just wait, mamacitas, YOU JUST WAIT – it’s nice to feel supported and loved by all of you. So, uh, thanks for all the comments, emails, texts, letters and carrier pigeons.spring

Also, I’m a really awkward thanker. If I was thanking you in person, I’d probably laugh uncomfortably and punch you in the throat.

Ok, so back to storytelling.

Spring has sprung. Can you feel it?

While Spring comes with an opportunity for renewal of resolutions made only two months ago, more importantly it brings with it a sense of simply starting over. Of being able to regain control of your life. To make new what was once old. To realize that things have a way of dying, and…coming back to life. To once again fit into all of your pants. (Sorry, I digress – but seriously, was this not the fattest.winter.ever?).

Over a couple of pints last night, I was somehow talked into yoga’ing this morning with my pal Lisa (Fellow Yogis: What is the verb for yoga? I could Google it, but I’m busy blogging). Despite the “guy who takes himself too seriously” downward-dogging the heck out of himself right in front of me, it was one of the best hours I’ve spent in months.

I’m not a yoga-er. I’ll do hot yoga from time to time to get out all the toxins from the week but I’ve never seen it as anything more than a good use of a Groupon. But there was something about today’s session that ignited a fire in me. I felt stronger. I felt sharper. I felt more attuned to my surroundings. I felt more in control of the next step, whatever it may be. Without letting myself get too hippy on you: it felt as if my mind and heart were opening up just as much as my body in that 60 minute period.

I’ll have you know I hate everything about that last sentence (I’m getting shivers from re-reading it. The bad kind. The kind you get from things that are icky. Like avocadoes. And slacks). But I’m hopeful you understood my intent.

It’s no secret that the last month has been a challenging one, both personally and professionally. Shoot – it’s why I started this whole project in the first place. But I felt today that I took a real step toward whatever it is I’m trying to do/prove/be.

This afternoon, I made a list of things that I’ve committed myself to doing this Spring. And because I’m telling all of you – well, crap…There’s no turning back now.

Reconnect and Repair. My siblings, my nieces and nephews, even their children. They’re right up the road. And despite the issues that every family goes through, there’s no reason to ever be disconnected. And those friends with whom I’ve lost touch with over the years – college roommates, high school friends. I love and miss you all. No more Facebook – let’s talk, shall we?
Show respect. Over a period of time this fall, I identified a group of people in Columbus that I respected and admired, and wrote them each a (now-looking-back-on-it-kind-of-creepy) letter telling them how they’ve inspired me. So yeah – more of that.
Speaking of letters…Write more. There is nothing more fulfilling than opening up my mailbox to see something other than a ValPak, Netflix and credit card statements. Anyone want to be pen pals? Shoot me a note.
Pay attention to the signs. I don’t respect my body in the way I should – if something hurts, I WebMD it. If something falls off, I glue it back on (now you’re all trying to think of what can fall off of a body?!) But the signs are real. So, hello Dr. McDreamy. See you in your office next week.
Take care of myself. So that I won’t have signs to even pay attention to in the first place. Do yoga, run, bike, meditate. Be mindful of my mind and my body. Stop telling myself that I’m only 31. There’s no time for that.
Be emotionally open and available. I have little to no interest in dating after what has been a craptastic end to a not-so-craptastic relationship a short time ago. But, when has a cup of coffee ever hurt anyone? Just say no to saying no. Well, except for you BoyWonder45. Stop winking at me. No seriously. STOP.
Discover. This one is self explanatory. Go, go, go, go. Don’t stop.

Don’t wait until Summer to live the life you want. Take advantage of the blooming trees, the longer days, the warmer moments. Get out there and enjoy.

So, tell me. What are the things you’re committed to doing this Spring?



6 thoughts on “spring has sprung!

  1. looks like you had your first true yoga experience! yoga, after all, means the yoking of body and mind (and throw spirit in there for good measure). keep up the journey!

  2. Ooo – yoga is a powerful thing – you got the juice of it, nice work! It’s amazing how a few moves of the body can make you feel so amazing.
    Um, I’m pretty sure my Spring commitment is making it 13.1 miles through downtown Cincy with 1000s of other Piggies! : D

    1. Ohh, you’ll do great!!! Maybe one of these days I’ll run with you (or, at the very least, run to the finish line to meet you as you’re crossing :))

  3. That’s exactly how I felt when yoga “clicked” for me. As cheesy as it sounds, it has totally replaced the space that I tried to fill with prayer during my younger years. I feel absorbed into myself (a good thing), quiet, peaceful. Just wait until you have your first session where you start crying in the middle of it…haha, I mean, it’s kind of awful, but it’s like all the “bad” in you just snaps and opens and releases.

    Also, the down dog enthusiast dude can suck it. SO HAPPY YOU CAN DO ALL THE THINGS, SIR. 😛

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